A simple recipe for lonely single's dinner.

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Apr 24, 2014 13:22
I unbutton my shirt in my way to the kitchen right after I have gotten home. I reach for the power button of my AC so that my room become comfortable enough to eat hot food. My fridge is basically empty except for some seasonings and eggs. Everyday, I just buy a canned tuna with spring water in the convenience store of my condo. It's enough for my body that is covered with thick fat. I no longer care about how much weird I would look to the staff.

First of all, put a cup of rice in the pot of my rice cooker, and wash it to remove mote. Then, pour water to the level engraved on the pot which says "Congee". 5-10 minutes before it's ready, put tuna and one package of soup stock powder to the pot. Either Japanese dashi, Chinese soup or Thai tom yum goes well with congee, I think. Add an egg according to your taste.

To me, simpler is better in terms of cooking for myself. It'd be pitiful to spend a lot of time and care on things which you don't have anyone to share the pleasure with.