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Jul 14, 2012 15:47 NIKE Steal daydream
I went to NIKE Factory that day...
There were so so so many shoes,clothing,and some other sports equipments. They were really tempting. I wish I could steal some. Hmmm....Maybe I could sneak into the factory in the night,ah...I need Harry's Invisibility Cloak! Do you want anything from NIKE? I could also steal some for you, such as basketball,shirts and blablablabla....
If too many things were required,I would have to take several actions.HAHA

Well,I'm just kidding...
Stealing is illeagle!!! And I'm not Carmen Sandiego(Do you know this cartoon?) I could be caught! lol

Anyway,Have a great weekend!!!

I'll go on my daydreams,hahahahaha