I haven't recovered from a fright yet

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May 17, 2012 23:00
Today when I was in the class,I saw my classmate running out of the door with his hand smothering her nose.She stopped at the door for a few seconds,and took the tissue off the nose.Blood!!!!!! SO MUCH BLOOD!

So I followed her to the restroom.I called her name,and she turned around.
Blood kept POURING out of her nose, even her mouth.She said she got nosebleed after a sneeze.= =! I lift her hand up in the air,but it wouldn't stop flowing.so I stuffed up her nose with issue.The blood percolated through the issue.I changed another one,but blood started to flow out of the other nostril.There was all blood on her face,and she kept spitting blood to the lavabo. She looks totally like a vampire,pale face and blood on her lips. I really though she was dying!It was horrible!Afterwards,I took her to the hospital,and thank goodness,she was fine.Now she has gone home for a good rest.

It reminded me that I always got a bloody nose when I was a child. Sometimes It could bleed 5-6 times a day.Doctors said that my capillary vessels were too fragile,and it would get better when I get older. I remember my nose often bleed when I was sleeping at night.I could feel something flowing out of my nose,so I crawled to the edge of the bed,but sleepness made me fall asleep again with my head extending from the edge of bed. When I woke up the next day,I found a lot of blood beside the bed.AHHH!!!!!!!