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May 11, 2012 20:14
I want to volunteer abroad before I graduate next yeah.I saw a website about volunteering for Confucious Institute yesterday.It quite tempted me.I will be able to assist in teaching Chinese in one of the Confucious Institutes around the world,if my application is accepted.I can see how foreign friends learn chinse.I believe this experience would help me get a better understanding of my mother tongue.

Another one was volunteering in Australian farms.I think it would be great fun to help with farm works.Don't know if I will get a chance to see a kangaroo!

Helping in Afica is also a good choice and is the one can teach you most.The sweltering weather,the lack of water and food would be a challenge.However,helping people always make me happy.I believe Afriacan people are very nice,for they are far away from matters of benefits,money,lure,reputations and positions ,which can make people deceptive.

Have you ever volunteered abroad? Which one attracts you most above?
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