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Oct 2, 2012 00:13 exlang-interpretation
I'm not sure the meaning of the phrase "as ~ as ever ..."
Would you mind telling me how you interpret that phrase in each passage of the four below?
I'd appreciate your support!

(By the way, I brought these four examples all from actual ones shown in some corpus.
I'm sorry if some of them don't have enough context.)


(A) Arnold raced up and down the American line, shouting encouragement, leading charges. Samuel Downing, a soldier who followed him across Freeman's farm, said: " He was as brave a man as ever lived.

(B) Because it was such a fine day, as fine a day as ever was, they called to one another to come and visit.

(C) This bill, pretending to be based upon that amendment of the Constitution, whose subject-matter was slaves, and which can not be extended beyond that, proposes to legislate for a very large number of persons who were not slaves, and who were not within its purview or its operation. I mean this bill purports to give power to Congress to legislate in regard to free negroes and mulattoes. To my mind that is as clear and conclusive an objection to it upon the score of constitutionally as ever was made to a bill in the world.

(D) With Franklin's election as governor of New York in 1928, Eleanor became as active a first lady as ever was, but the two were often apart - Eleanor spending half the week in New York teaching and pursuing progressive causes.