Today is a good day.

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May 12, 2012 11:16
Today is a good day.It seems that I am saying good bye.The weather is good,no cold,no hot,just comfortable.Yesterday I had a quarrel with mom,I felt sad.But I know she will not be angry with me too long because she loves me and always have a thought in my situation.Of course,I love her equally.Sometimes,we have a heart-to-heart talk to exchange our opinions .However,I never tell her that I love her.Maybe Chinese are not used to expressing emotion confront families.And we know we love each other deeply.Maybe that is enough.
Today is a good day.It is a gift of my life,because yesterday has gone and tomorrow haven't come.What I real master is present.I decide to read some interesting books,jogging and watch a
movie today.It must be a day filled with joy!
It is time to take action now!Go GO!