Some interesting translations from my students

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May 25, 2012 23:16
I think that everyone knows the "Puss in Boots." In Chinese, the movie has been translated into 鞋貓劍客. Well, not a bad name. However, one of my student saw the Chinese title, and said, "Shoes Cat." = : =
Another junior high school student translated 飯廳 into "rice room." Oooops...a it seems like a room for rice stacking...
But what I cannot forget is this one. The question is to translate 三分之一(1/3) into English. The answer, of course, must be "one third." However, one of my
genius student wrote, ---------.
But I found that sometimes it is really hard to pick a perfect word or a perfect sentence for the translation. For example, I once read an English book, which named "The Interpretation of Murder." I told to my brother that I read the book and said in Chinese, "解釋謀殺." The translation is really awful, and I was laughed by my brother. He said that the Chinese version of "The Interpretation of Murder" named the Chinese title as "謀殺解析." OMG, much better than I did.

BTW, when I went to see "The Avengers" last week, I heard one woman said, "Is that not Shrek in the movie?" Hmnnn....That is not Shrek, that is Hulk, madam.