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Apr 27, 2012 20:50
There's lots of abbreviations in language. Such as "attention defecit hyperactivity disorder" is abbreviated as "ADHD." (Sorry for that I have my thesis discussed about children with ADHD, and I take this as an example. BTW, the APA [American psychological association] suggests that we cannot use term "ADHD children", but need to use another term "children with ADHD". Well, that's another issue.)

As for daily speaking, which is not so acedemic, there's still a lot. For instance, BTW (by the way), LOL (laugh out loudly), ASAP (as soon as possible), FYI (for your information)...
Last time one of my student told me one, that is "WTF."
At first, I do not understand the meaning. Then another student said, WTF is "Welcome to Facebook."
Hmnnn.......I believed him at that moment, and then I found out that I was misled.
Thank god that I do not use Facebook often, and have not use the abbreviation to those who are new to the Facebook.


Do you know other abbreviations which are used often?
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