What kind of Chinese typing system do you use?

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Apr 27, 2012 17:38
What kind of Chinese typing system do you use? Several years ago, when I visited Norway, someone asked me, "How come you type Chinese on your computer?" Therefore, I demonstrated my typing method on my laptop to him. I use 嘸蝦米 typing system (you can see the attached pic), a convenient typing system. It can type traditional Chinese character, simplified character, Japanese, and special symbols (e.g., α、∞、↑). However, the typing rules are quite troublesome. For example, there are three basic rules: first, shape, the character 「口」 looks like "O" in English; 「子」looks like "Z." Second, pronounciation, the character 「買」sounds like "M"; 「六」sounds like "L." Third, the English meaning, the character 「車」 means "car" in English, and is used "C" to stand for; 「我」 means "I," and of course using "I" ti represent.

Here are some examples
放<--FPX The pronounciation of 方 starts from an "F," 攵 looks like a "P," and the final writing of 放 is an "X."
我<--IX The English meaning of 我 is "I," and the final writing is an "X."
會<--AQD The upper part of 會 looks like an "A," the middle part looks like a "Q," and the lower part of「日」means "Day" in English.

At the beginning of using this typing system is quite confused, but you'll feel it's an awesome system when you become familar with it.

It is much easier to type in Japanese using this system. hirakana uses comma; katakana uses period. E.g., ひ<--hi,;カ<--ka.

Traditional and simplified Chinese character are typed in the same way.


放<--FPX 方的發音是F開始,攵像P,放的最後筆劃是X。
我<--IX 我的英文是I,最後的筆劃是X。
會<--AQD 會的上面像A,中間像Q,下面的「日」是英文的「Day」。


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