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May 30, 2012 00:24
Punic War and Japan
I think that Carthage, Which lost Punic War resembles Japan, which lost The Second World War in many respects. I have two reasons why I think so. The
first is that During Punic War, not only the warriors but also ladies and even children fought and were killed like Okinawa in Pacific War. The second reason is that the relation between Carthage and Rome is similar to that between Japan and United States. The good example is the contents of the piece treaty. The part of it is the renunciation of their own army and territories which conquered at one time, paying a lot of compensation and the like. In other respects Carthage developed their economic remarkably like Japan. As a result, Carthage became the one of best developed country in economic temporarily. For the reasons above, I think that Carthage have many point which is very similar to Japan.