I'm having a trouble with the translations.can't get the hang of it!!!

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Jul 20, 2012 18:12
Japanese Driving School's Trial Test translated in English
( if the statement below is true, write 0 if it's wrong write X)

問題1 The oncoming vehicle stopped and the headlights were blinked. What kinds of things should you be careful of? (so there is a drawing shown on the trial test: 場面は、 交差点に私は右折する、信号が青になってる対向車に止まってくれたトラックがblinkerで道を私に譲ったと伝えてる。so, I am being asked, what are te precautions that I should take. But the format of the statements below is buffling me particularly the third one ③. Please help me, Thank you so much!

① The track transferred the course, so I turned to the right quickly therefore.

② The two-wheeled vehicle goes straight from the blind spot in the track, so I turn to the right carefully while noting the blind spot in the track.

③ It secretly becomes and the situation of a right congestion vehicle right turn ahead is not seen so much, so I turn to the right while noting the crossing of the pedestrians etc.

Ps. All the problems on the trial test were translated like this. So I am having a BIG TROUBLE!!!