Neighbors are the people who live near us. In your opinion, what are the qualities of a good neighbor? Use specific details and examples in your answer.

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Apr 24, 2012 13:35 essay TOEFL Japanese English
Neighbours are the people who live near us, and their behaviour influences our daily lives. Good neighbours can make us feel comfortable and help us, and everyone benefits from a good relationship with neighbours. In my point of view, there are three conspicuous aspects of the qualities of a good neighbour.

One of the most important characteristics of good neighbours is that they have good living habits and are friendly to others. A person with bad habits will affect one’s daily life. For example, children are most likely to be influenced by bad neighbours and acquire bad habits. Also, they are hard to approach and difficult to get along with.

Another important aspect of good neighbors is that they are likely to willing to help others. In our daily life, emergency situations may occur, and we may encounter difficulties which cannot be resolved by ourselves. At these times, the quickest help we can receive is probably from our neighbours. To some degree, neighbors are as important as relatives are to us, because they can provide immediate help. In the same way, a neighbor who is willing to help others will receive help in return. Helping each other can form friendly and harmonious relationships among neighbors.

All in all, a good neighbors is someone who has a good living habit, is friendly and is willing to help others. Taking into account all of these factors, we may arrive at the conclusion that a good relationship among neighbors requires co-operation from both sides.