Some people prefer to eat at food stands or restaurants. Other people prefer to prepare and eat food at home. Which do you prefer? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

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Apr 24, 2012 13:31 essay TOEFL Japanese English
Nowadays, some people like to eat at home and prepare food for themselves, but others prefer not to which is why they choose to eat outside in restaurant or at food stands. As far as I am concerned, it is better to eat at home. There are numerous reasons why I believe this, and I will explore only a few of the primary ones here.

It cannot be denied that there are some advantage to the first points. Firstly, the condition of the restaurant is more comfortable and the food from there is more delicious usually. Secondly, eating in a restaurant become a good choice of getting together with friends. In addition, eating outside take away people convenience and shortcut to prepare their meals. For the people who are busy working, preparing food for themselves may cause trouble and waste of time. For young persons who are not able to cook for themselves, eating at food stands resolves the problem.

The main reason for my preference for eating at home is that eating and preparing food for oneself can enhance emotions among the members of a family and provide pleasure to everyone. In modern society, everyday, parents are busy working in society, and children are busy studying. For convenience and to save time, they often choose to eat out side. This results in hardly any time for a family to spend together. Sharing dinner at home is not only about eating but also provides a chance for talking, joking and exchanging feelings with one other. Some people may think that making dinner is a heavy burden. But I believe preparing food with one’s family is also a happy occasion and is a pleasure. With one’s sister and brothers helping one’s mother prepare a meal on a weekend, and enjoying the food.

Another reason is that eating at home is more economical than going to a restaurant. With the same amount of money one can buy more and better food from a shop than from a restaurant. One can prepare a nourishing meal for one’s children instead of buying junk food from food stands. Additionally, the money saved can be spent in many other ways, such as buying new clothes or watching a movie.

Generally speaking, eating outside is comfortable and convenient for our lives, while eating at home can mean sharing a happy with one’s family and be economical more than eating outside. Taking into account all of these, I prefer to prepare food for myself and eat at home.
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