Nowadays, food has become easier to prepare. Has this change improved the way people live? Use specific reason and examples to support your answer.

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Apr 22, 2012 20:38 essay TOEFL Japanese English
Nowadays, wherever we turn our gaze, we can see different types of food that are easy to prepare. For instance, we can buy frozen foods in a supermarket and just prepare it in a couple of minutes, whereas before it would have taken us maybe hours to prepare these kind of meals. I would accept that this so-called improvement has changed our lives, but I believe that there are some drawbacks as well.

It is true that these kinds of food do not involve much preparation, but food that is easy to prepare generally has some artificial ingredients mixed in it that makes it "easy-to-cook". If I take the time to read the ingredients, I would definitely come across words like preservatives or artificial flavorings. It was just a couple of days ago that I came across a newspaper article which stated that stated a case of food poisoning due to consumption of easy to cook’ food. He was hospitalized for almost a month.

Not having to cook has also taken the fun out of cooking. Cooking is an art, but in today's world, this is often not true. People are so busy with their work that they just rely on food that is simple to prepare. The invention and production of these foods have made people lazy not only for cooking but also for a good family get-together. It is not like former times when families would sit together and eat freshly baked food. Instead, people who prefer to eat instant foods are getting these artificial things with minimal nutrients in them.

The way cooking was handled years ago is much better than today's. People would spend more time in the kitchen, preparing the food in the way that they liked it. This brought families closer together and also contributed to the high quality and nutrition of the food. Granted, people are busier nowadays and do not have as much time as they did in the past, but I believe that people have forgotten the importance of healthy, fresh food and of the importance of time a family spends together when preparing the food. So, I would say that having food that is easy to prepare has many disadvantages.