Message to a Spanish friend who I got acquainted with at Starbucks (written on July 27)

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Sep 6, 2009 12:35
Hi, XXX.
Have you lost your bicycle key? Maybe in the Rokkakudo-temple Starbucks??? If you don't find it anywhere, you couldn't help having a repairperson break or remove the key...

Today I left the Starbucks at 11:00 pm, the closing time. I was wondering you lost track of time, drinking wine with the "naked-at-sento" friend, YYY-san. I think you are a genius of making friends. hahaha.

Anyway, please let me know about the ODEN party sometime soon. And please don't forget to join me and my college friends on around 15 or 16 August.

I need to go to bed today by about 1:30 am at the latest, as I have to work tomorrow! Mmm, I envy you having more free time than I have...

Take care and good night, XXX!