Real Programmers Don't Customize Own Machine - It has been customized -

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Feb 9, 2013 01:17
It is because I liked to manipulate PC why I became a programmer.

I used to customize Windows setting on my PC in my student days.
I take great pleasure in my PC"s getting to be specialized.

However, now I don't manually customize the PC very often.
In addition, co-workers don't do so too.

Why real programmers don't customize their PC? I think that there is two reasons.

The first reason is because it is as job why programmers manipulate their PC.
It is not as their own fun.
Customizing is allowed only if it helps programmers to develop products.

The other reason is that programmers have to use a number of computers.
For example, I use 5 computers today.
But, "5" is not so much. I develop one product in office.
If I developed two or more products, then I have to use ten or more computers.
It is not realistic way to manually customize dozen of computers.

Anyway, I wrote "manually customize". In fact, "Don't Customize" is a high-flown language.
It is also realistic way to use compute in completely default setting.
Therefore programmers have to customize their computer a little.
However, real programmers do never "manually customize". They automate configuration by writing programs.