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Jul 2, 2012 03:27 Culture Japan
My family name is "小本"(Omoto).

I have a little hard with name. "小本" is misread by more than half of persons.

This is not things in foreign country. My family name is misread in my home country - Japan.

It is because of complexity of pronunciation of kanji.

In my family name a charactor "小" should be called "o". But, it can be called "ko".

In fact, there are Mr. and Ms. Komoto's in Japan.

So, anyone who meets me can not get wheather my name "小本" should be called.

This problem did not occur while I lived in my hometown.

It is because that "Omoto" is originally place name - persons in my home town call "小本" surely "Omoto".

However, "Komoto" is more popular than "Omoto" at the national level.

For these reasons, I write my name in Hiragana such as in signiture of E-mail.
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