Dufu(杜甫) Has Gotten Very Popular in China Recently

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May 17, 2012 09:07 杜甫
Dufu is a renowned master of Chinese poetry and he is one of my favorite poets. He has been dead for over one thousand years. Recently, however, Du has surprisingly become a hot topic on the Internet. This is due to a series of funny pictures.

The left picture above is a portrait of him in Chinese textbooks used for junior high school. Some students "processed" this image just for fun and their work has spread far and wide online. (Come on. If you don't laugh at these pictures, it just seems mean). We have a vivid phrase to describe this phenomenon -- "Dufu is very busy", because he is Ronald McDonald one minute, and the next he becomes Captain America! You can't predict what appearance he will take on next. There are many other versions that you can google easily if you are interested.

It's annoying and amusing at the same time. I have mixed feelings when laughing at these pictures. On the one hand, they are indeed very hilarious. You have to admire those netizens' imagination. On the other hand, I feel a little guilty, and I sympathize with Dufu. He made great contrubitions to Chinese poetry, but now he is being made fun of by us Chinese. Poor guy!

Well, let's look on the bright side. These pictures bring back people's memories of scribbling on textbooks when they were in high school. And Du is obviously enjoying a revival in popularity. If you ask me which poet I like best, Du is definitely the first poet that comes to mind haha.

Thank you for your time:)