There are lots of ways of memorizing kanji.

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May 15, 2012 20:40 kanji
I asked one of my Chinese friends if he had a good idea to memorize this kanji on the picture (which means “to win”) 20 years ago when I started to study the Chinese language.
We Japanese seldom use the above kanji in Japan.
He said that this kanji was also too difficult for Chinese people to write, so at his elementary school he had been told by his teacher to write it with murmuring “wang kou yue bei fan”.
This song “wang kou yue bei fan” sounded comfortable to me. As a result I was able to memorize it.
wang (red) This kanji is pronounced like ‘wang’ in Chinese.
kou(yellow) This kanji is pronounced like ‘kou’.
yue(green) This kanji is pronounced like ‘yue’.
bei(blue) This kanji is pronounced like ‘bei’.
fan(purple) This kanji is pronounced like ‘fan’.
In this mail I am not intending to recommend this method to you. This is only one of the methods, which is just a hint to you. I want to say that if you have some words you cannot memorize however hard you may try to, you should ask us whether we have some counter measures. Some earnest members will sure kindly give you the best suggestions.