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Testimonials from friends

Queen of SEUNGRI
Hi~!! everyone~ my name is Swella in english. Iam come from South of korea. if you want to correct your text in korean, don't hesitate cotect to me~!! be with well~!!!
私はせいほうほうと申します。せいは盛夏の盛、ほうはくさかんむりにワ冠を書いてか その下に玉と書いて、ほうと読みます。皆の友達になりたいです!
i'm Winnie i want to learn English
Anna Hermann
lily name is lily.i like english though i'm not good in it.i hope i can make some good friends,and study together.
ANYEUNGHASEYO9(안녕하세요) Today join in this page~ nice to meet you

Hi! I am live in Korea. i wnat to improve English.
Hi everyone, I am new here. I come from Taiwan. English has been my interest. I learned a little Spanish and French. Besides, I hope I could continue my learning in these two languages by and by through any means in any occasion available. I love the United States, and Taylor Swift is my favorite country singer so far. I have my own account on facebook, too, registered as 李禹彥. Welcome to visit my facebook and leave your message or comment as the driving force to make it better. Thank you.
はじめまして。 ここを見つけてとても嬉しいです。 よろしくお願いします。
Hi! I'm sorry if this is the wrong place, I was just wondering if it would be possible to separate English into British English and American English as you did with Portuguese. That'd be quite good and less confusing. Just a suggestion ^^ Thank you!
Hi everyone. My name is Belén, I'm from Spain and I live in Madrid. I've been living during a year in France, so I speak the language, but actually I'm looking for a job and it would be great if I could improve my english knowledge. The majority of the companies need workers with a high level of english, so I'm studying right now. I'm looking for people who may correct my english diary, and in echange I will do the same with spanish diaries. Thank you very much!
hello everyone,i am new here.I have interest in Korean and English.I want to make friends with Korean.I like reading novels and watching Korean drama.
Hello.I am Megumi Ikeda from Sapporo,Japan. I work for advertisement company.I am planning to visit Canada to study English and work next year. I wanna be a English teacher for little children after I come back to Japan. I never give up my life and dream. Let's give & take each other!
我母语是汉语 最近在为英语雅思写作发愁 有互相帮助的朋友大家一起奋进吧

Anyoung haseyo, Je i-ruemuen Amanda imnida. U.S.A. saram imnida. Juh-do hangook-uh jogeum bakke mot hamnida, handal bakke mot baewutsuyo.hokshi nugudeunji naleul hangug-eo leul baeul doum-i doel gyeong-u
Hello,everyone. I am NARU. I live in Tokyo Japan. I take an English lesson for a long time. My dream is to go to oversea travel with my husband. But I'm not yet confidence.
Hello. I´m from Chile. I´m student. I know nothing of this language .. and I love to learn it for academic reasons
ifor roberts
hi everybody, im working hard at the moment to learn japanese because my girlfriend's from japan and i really want to learn as much as possible!!! any help will be very apriciated. All the best!! from ifor
안녕하세요 제 이름은 야닌 이에요 , 지금 한국어를 배우고있어요 그런데 8개월 한국어를 공부하고있어요,난 멕시코에살아요. 한국어를 좋아애요 :D .pero quiero que ustedes me ayuden a mejorarlo. 만나서반가워요 좋은 하루되세요 :D ;) y si tu estas estudiando español con gusto te ayudare, rápido mandar mensaje y les responderé :P

Hi...I am from Indonesia, I'm learning Hebrew and Japanese. Are the one expert in those language? Let's joint and share ours. Arigato
I am Mai from Thailand, I am trying to practice my english both of speaking and writing. It would be great if we have friends who can help each other. I am very glad to meet all of you here,YOU ARE WONDERFUL!!
始めまして はたしは 今 日本語学んでいます。 日本語を教えて下さい。 皆さん、私に友達を作ってくださいませんか。一緒に外国語が上達するために、頑張りましょう。