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Venture holic
Yang yang san is very smart and nice guy. He is very gentle but has big ambition.
Hi, everyone. I am interested in communicating with people from different countries and understanding the cultures and customs. I am Japanese and learning English and Japanese (oh, yes, I still am!). I use both languages at work and I get frustrated sometimes because I often find difficulties in expressing my thoughts exactly the way I wanted to and in finding my grammer mistakes in English. I hope I would be able to improve my language skills and help others in the same interest by actively using this website. Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu.
Hello ! I have known this site by the on-line Japan times several days ago. Please let me be one of this group though I 'm an old man. I would like to make friends and improve my English skills. Thank you.
漁師の卵( Aspiring fisherman)
He is very handsome.
Hi, a very good site. I love it.
Nice to see you. My name is "wildcat" and my nationality is Japanese. I knew this site by Japan Times. In near future, I want to be a translater and I want to improve my English. Sometimes I study English, I confuse becouse I can not make out the proper meaning about words, sentence and so on. I need your help!! My hobbies are dancing,cooking so many. I want to exghange our interesting information. Have a nice day!
hello!! my name is charmin. i would like to study English here. If you find wrong,please correct my English. Thank you!!
hey, Thanks for thinking that I would be a good teacher :). And I want to thank you for this site because I think it's a very good thing :D. So keep up the good work :).
Hi, What if someone wants to learn more than 2 languages? thx

안녕하습니다! 저는 사라입니다. 스페인 사람입니다. 그러나, 지금 벨지에에 살고 있습니다. 한국이 제미 있기 떼문에, 저는 1년만에 한국말을 공부를 하기 시작합니다.
yang yang dozou yoroshkiku, thanks for accepting my request, hmmmm, anatawa nihonjin desu, demo, 中国 sun deii mas, so desu ne! i would like to travel to china, and i might have the oppurtunity,中文 hanaseiimasu ne?? watashimo sucoshi hanaseiimasu, mada jozu ja arimasen
thx for adding:))
Thanks for the add ;)
Leo   レオ
ヤンヤンはいつも身の回りに刺激を与えてくれます。 大物のオーラが漂っています!! 出会えて光栄です!
tomotomo ともとも
lang-8の将来は彼の肩に掛かってます! The future of lang-8 rides on his shoulders !
きく Yuyita
共に自分の会社を持とうと悪戦苦闘中 なんか世界を変えるような事をやりそう。しかも近いうちに…
優しくて、礼儀正しくて、ジェントルマンです♪ そんな穏やかなイメージ共に ものすごい行動力や企画力といった 仕事人の一面も持っていますw お兄ちゃんとかお父さんとか先輩とか上司とかになって欲しいですww