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Testimonials from friends

今日は! 川崎ジョイスと申しますが、ロシア人です。自分で日本語と、ヒンディー語の勉強を始まりますので、どうぞ宜しくお願い致します。英語も出来るので、お互いに頑張りましょうか。
Hi all, I'm a new member in Lang-8.I'm Sylvana from Indonesia. I'm doing my Master Program of Mathematics Education in Palembang. Now, I'm still struggling to analyze the data for my thesis but I think I also enjoy it at the same time. The reason why I join this site is because I would like to improve my English as well as to learn the Japanese language, which is new for me. I hope all friends here will help me. Nice to meet you all. :)
Hi,My name is Min-jung,Kim.
안녕하십니까? 여러분. 베트남어서 온 한국어 공부하는 viet이라고 합니다. 한국어에 관심 여러분을 사귀게 되면 좋겠습니다.수고하십시오
Hi call me Sifu, I am living in Brooklyn, New York. I would like to learn how to speak Mandarin. I am a long time practitioner or Tai Chi. Most people in my area speak Mandarin. So I would like to learn this dialect. I would love to make female friends who can help me to learn. We could exchange for english grammar and conversational english. I prefer single women to contact me. Thank you for your precious time.
wir schreiben uns jeden Tag und ohne nicht mehr geht.
.. ^^
hello,everyone,I'm a chinese girl.I speak standard mandarin and have enough patience to help others.I want to improve my English and also want to learn other countries's culture. I'm weak in Spoken English,I wish I can make friends here so that we can help each other.I like traveling,making friends... so ,add me . my msn my qq 1019022635
Hi, when will you have mobile version for IPhone?

Hello. I am studying English for 3 month ago.
Hi~! I'm Rana. I'm Korean and I'm a student.
Narcissus Jonquil New Moon
Hi how are you? Merry Christmas.Take care of yourself. See you later...
hi everyone my korea name is 찬양 these day , i am studying english so i want you to help me

りんです 今大学四年生、日本語を習っています みんなよろしくね
Nice to meet you:D I'm Shigetoshi Yamaguchi. I'm student... I wanna go abroad...So I have to study English to make further progress!!! Please teach me;D
Hi,dear friends. I'm learning English, and I really want to improve my English. I love swimming, taking photographs and cooking. If you want to learn Chinese and need some help, I will try my best to help you!
私は台湾の日本語学科の学生です。 もう四年生になりましたが,日本語はまだまだうまくつかえません。 だから私はこのウェーブで友達ができて,日本語で交流して欲しい!
Arrgh! Just lost another correction after 15 minutes of typing to one bad keystroke.
A few things about me: Hello. My name is Jusung – Jang. I’m currently a student. I’ve been learning tourism as an undergraduate. And have studied hard many subjects such as English, food and beverage and image making and so on. I have practiced English or another language in this university. I’m the kind of person who is warm mind and has fast foot and good health. I will graduate a university with a degree in tourism. Also I have lots of experiences which I had worked some company such as Hotel, Clothiers Ltd, English magazine company, cosmetic company. As well, I have many license or language grade. I want to apply for Global education team in Unicef that I sincerely hope to help plenty of children who can’t go to school because they aren’t enough to have money and I want stay with them. One interesting fact about me is that for the past 8 months, I’ve been Udontani, Thailand. During that time, I was filled much love in my heart. I was so happy this time in my life. I would be unforgettable it.
hi there, i come from indonesia. I would like to improve my english, can u help me ?????
Hello! I come from Taiwan. I want to improve my English writing ability now.Hope for making friends with you,and we can learn together.