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Nov 17, 2009 15:07 lang-8staff announcement
Dear Lang-8 users,

This is Yangyang.
We appreciate you using Lang-8.

We have started Lang-8 Official Blog today!

We will post information about Lang-8 and new features etc..
In addition to those normal information, we are also planning to upload Lang-8 user's entries to this Blog.

Example of topics,
The way you are learning foreign languages.
The top 5 tools for learning foreign languages.
Cool website for language learning.
The way you using Lang-8.
The reason you learning languages

Any theme which is related language learning is welcome.

Please feel free to send your entry to with
*Your username
*Your Lang-8 ID ( here is your id)
*Pictures(If needed)

And you can write in your first language, you don't have to write it in English,Spanish, French, Chinese, Japanese, etc.. any language is OK
Of course English is OK, too.

We are looking for your entries all the time.

About new premium features.

Thank you very much,
Lang-8 staff