About new premium features.

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Nov 16, 2009 17:29
Dear Lang-8 users,

This is Yangyang.
Thank you very much for using Lang-8 and voted to Mashable Open web Awards.
We are waiting the result.

Though, it is late to announce, we have started two new premium features.

We have added two new premium features.

First, Premium user entries will have their own background color, making them easier to find.

Second, Premium user's entries will be shown on the first line of "Entries awaiting your corrections"

These two new features will make your entries easier to find by other users and receive more corrections.

Let's learn more effectively with these features!

Here is the help page on how to turn off these features.

We will make Lang-8 as a world best language learning website, but currently we need money to keep Lang-8 running.
We hope you join premium account and help Lang-8 to be the greatest language learning site.

Thank you very much,
Lang-8 staff