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Oct 8, 2009 13:21
Dear Lang-8 users,

This is Yangyang.
Thank you very much for using Lang-8.

Thank you for your help translating the new top page.
It's amazing that you all translated very rapidly.

Today, we have a information.
We have prepared a donation page.

There are two way to donate Lang-8.
1, Paypal
2, Bank

We use Japanese bank, so I think it is hard to donate to bank if you are not in Japan.

We appreciate you for using Lang-8
Though It is happy enough for us that you just using Lang-8, but to tell you truth, it is a bit hard to running Lang-8 in cost.
So if you help us, we appreciate you very much.

Thank you,

The campaign with Conyac is opening now.

Lang-8 staff