A topic to write about.

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Apr 6, 2013 05:56
(I will dedicate this entry for my turkish friend Bazi )
Finding a topic to write about is really hard (and I belive It can scares all of us a lot hahaa..) especially when you know that it is your thesis what you have to write about which is crucial for your career .
This writing is not just like any everyday essay and It should be about something you will feel comfortable writing about and most of all It should be about something that will really keep your curiousity high so you will enjoy doing your research too.
If I would have to do a research and write about it I would chose "the English speaking skill of Turkish in Turkey" and let me tell you why : I was surprised to see most of Turkish people have a very good English grammar´s skills, they can write it very well, even telling jokes in English, but just a few of them know how to speak or understand if an English speaker talk to them which I think it is a pity.
All the Turks I talked to stated the same thing... they did not have chance to learn how to speak. I think if you do some research among students of others careers in your university you will see how true is what I am saying now, I think that leaning how to speak a foreing language does not depend on having or not the chances of speaking to a native speaker,of course it can helps you to learn the uses of that language (which not grammar books can teach you)but it is not an imperative. I think it is the teacher´s responsability to make their studens to practice how to speak so they can finally complete that crucial part in the process of learning a foreing language.
who knows if your research about this topic and its conclution may probably bring a difference in the language´s teaching system that will help somehow other students to learn how to speak English in the years to come!