New Job= Less Time!

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Apr 30, 2013 04:49
AAbout 2 weeks ago I started working. I like my job a lot infact I decided to work there, I was lucky I had 2 job offer to choose from. I took the one will take less time of my head and demmand less stress because I want this year to return studing english. Now with a full time job I will have just few hours to read or practice in the week and I am not happy for that.
I can speak and I can read fairly well but I have a lot of grammar mistakes when it comes to writing formal English. I register in the librery so now I can take some grammar books to read and that is how I found out I am VEEEEERRRY far yet to reach the English level that I want. Digging deep into the grammar made me realize that I dont know even spanish grammar hahahaaa.. but I like that now I am learning it too :) it is a complex vocabulary I need to learn in order for me to understand English grammar´s rules.
I learned this language alone and without knowing grammar rules, I hope that all this years of my bad habit of writing wrong will be revert. It will be very difficult to learn and correct all my bad habits but I will do it. I regret very bad I dint learn English to become a teacher.. I could have been a very good teacher because I love this language and I love teaching :)