Music gives you knowledge

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Jul 14, 2013 11:24
Since early age I was brought on to music world and as most of the members of my family I learnt how to play a music intrument. My father played spanish guitar just like any profesional guitarrist, although he was not one. One of my brothers played the guitar as well as our traditional Argentinian drumms.. One of my sisters learnt how to play the accordion and the piano. In later life she became a music teacher.
My youngest brother learnt how to play violin and dance floclore for about 15 years. I learnt how to play the guitar and was a dancer too. Although we all knew how to play music every well we never played a single song together. I could say we had everything to set our own orchestra if we wanted to. I remember hearing my father telling us a lot of stories about singers and musicians he admired. Sometime he also red books or magazines to us to let us know the latest news about them. He said that learning music teachs you about other things. Reading music is not an easy task to do, you need to know how to count to time the rithm. If you´ve ever heard about Mozart, Bach,Beethoven or Chaikovski you probably won´t ignore their origins, nationalities or which was their native language. If you love music you can not no ignore the name of Frank Sinatra, Armando Manzanero, Mercedes Sosa or Fredy Mercury just to name some. We dont need to like their music or their voice as singers but we can not ignore who this people did for music. Dispite of the music influence most fo us had have no one went further with music or made a carrer out of it, except for my sister that as I said before, became a music teacher.
There is not doubt that we were educated inside the music world as a way of teaching us about discipline or maybe just keep us close somehow. Certainly it was our common interest, hobby and passion.
Perhap my father thougt that through music we were going to learn history, mathematics and geography all together whithout us getting notice about it. If it was the case I could say that he succeded. I dare to say that any of us could be a succesful contest at "Who wants to be a millonaire" as we all know a lot about world history and we possess good knowledge of most subjects.
I think any person who would like to call himself an educated person should know a little about almost everything. Learning music could teach you about everything in a easy way. I belive that if we expose children at early age to all kind of music, or even better if we teach that child to play an intrument he or she may develope a different point of view about reading and studying.A person could have great fun just by sitting in his favourite place holding a book. Most young people this day seem to be ineficiente and uncapable of learning something just because. If they are not much aware of our history neither they will be of our near future. I belive it is on the parent hands to arouse in their children the love and passion for good things in life. When I say good things I dont mean to talk about fancy car or nice vacations oversea. There is a lot more in this beatufil life which money can not buy. Having general knowledge and been a bright person is definitely one of them. We should keep in mind the proverb that says "like father like son". In my family probably this was the case.
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