My fellow soldier

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Jul 15, 2012 19:17 Englihs Japanese dictionary
Today, I bought an application for my iphone. It is an electronic dictionary whose name is "Genius English-Japanese dictionary." I paid 3,800 yen for it, it was not a cheap purchace for me but is necessary for my learning English.
Although I have already had one, which is a free application, it is not be enough helpful. So I took the plunge and bought high grade one.
By the way, in spite of being many other titles, why did I buy the dictionary of that title? There is a definately reason for me. I also have my real one which I bought when I was a high school student. In that time, in Japan, "genius" dictionaries were very popular for students who would take entrance exams of colleges. I don't know why they had gotten much support of high school students, and whether they are still popular on present day.
Because my real dictionary has been used by me for more twenty years, it is worn out. However it have battled with me in a battle field of entrance exam, so it is like a fellow soldier for me. I really love it and I am used to using it. So I bought again the same title one.