About towns of electric power plants.

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Jul 8, 2012 11:24
Recentry, a topic about a nuclear electric power plant's re-operation, Oi, has been discussed by many people in Japan. In the discussion, I've often heard the word "原発の町.(the town of nuclear power plant.)"
The word seems to have two means. First, it is an oliginal mean of the word that the town have a nuclear power plant. Second, a mean that the town depends on the plant for people living there, it includes a little ironical mean. Because the plant has given much economical benefits to them. However, the truth applies not to only Oi town which has a nuclear power plant but also every towns which has an any other kind of plant.
It is clear that such electoric power plants are necessary but anxiety institusions for the local people.
The electricity which made in their distincts is transfered to big cities. In a sense, they are sacrifice for big city's comfortable life.
Japanese government and electric power companies compensate for their cost with huge subsidies, which may be bigger than their own tax imcome. In addition erectoric power companies and associated companies have hired the manylocal people. As a result, the towns will not be able to be there without the plants.