Ah... Japanese salary man.

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Jul 4, 2012 06:13
Yesterday, our new coleague joined our department, so we held a little welcome-party for him last night.
He worked at another branch till last month so he moved in our city with his family, such a transfer would often happen in Japanese company.
Although my coleague was lucky because he moved with his family, if a family whose father was ordered a transfer by his company have something circumstans which they can't move with him, in many cases his child's school situation, he has to go to a place where he was requested without his family.
Then, he starts living by himself at a house or an apartment which his company got ready for him and go his new office from the house or apartment. That is called in Japanese "単身赴任 (tanshinfunin)."
In a friday evening, when he finished his work, he is willing to go home, and spend a weekend with his family. Then next monday early morning, he has to go back single life. That is called in Japanese "金帰月来(kinkigetsurai)."