About recent Japanese political and economics situations.

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Jul 1, 2012 11:59
Japanese political situation has confused. Because primeminister Yoshihiko Noda has suggested that consumption tax's rate will be raise to 8% by 2014 and to 10% by 2015, but some Japan Democratic party's member oppose strongly against Noda. Unfortunately, one of the opposite member is Mr. Ichiro Ozawa who has a big power for Japanese diet member.In a vote about raising the tax bill, which held another day, over 50 the party's member including Mr.Ozawa took different action with their president's policy.
There are two reasons why they have opposed Noda. First, although DPJ has promised that they wouldn't raise the rate for a while, Noda is going to brake it. In addition, when the last election, Mr.Ozawa was the party's important post.
Second, raising rate of the tax is for managing social security cost which have been growing year by year. They insist that the social seculity system have not reform enogh yet, so it is incorrect that just the increase tax go ahead.
Sure, their thinking is not wrong, but they seem not get people's support. Because Mr.Ozawa has not been so popular since before, but more important factor, I think, is an influence of the Europe's financial crisis.
Japanese people seem to have an anxiety. If we would do nothing for improving their country's finance situation as soon as possible, they would be like Greece.
In this year, the government reported that the amount of import exceeded the one of export, in other words, Japanese international trade balance recorded loss. The truth gave Japanese people who have prospered by national trading a not little shock. It was occured by some temporary factors such as hiper growing Yen and buying the large quantities fossile fuel, which was influence from nuclear accident of Fukushima. Although almost all Japanese national bond have been comsumpted by own people or banks. However if the loss will be not temporary but constant, Japan has to depend on other countries for consuming national bond.
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