Do you know the Japanese particular good-luck article ダルマ?

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Jun 18, 2012 19:52 Dharuma good-luck article Japan
I went to Takasaki for my business trip last week. The city is well known for a major production aria of "Dharuma doll(ダルマ)." Do you know it? It is a Japanese good-luck article sold at stalls on streets or shops. In many cases, it have been bought when a religious festival.
Japanese people perchase one for wishing good luck. People have various wishs, so a purpose of the purchase is different by purchaser, for example, commercial success(商売繁盛), happiness or good health for his family(家内安全、健康祈願), pass an examination(合格祈願) and so on. The wishs are written on the doll's belly. Many of them are disprayed on a household shinto alter of each family or company.
By the way, a Dharuma doll has two blank eyes. When someone perchased it, he would paint in the eye on the doll with black. If his wish would be done, he would paint in another eye.
In Japan, the doll often appears on a scene of a selection. If a candidate for a selection would be win fortunetely, he would paint in the eye of his Dharuma. The selection's scene is familiar to Japanese people, as well as a "Banzai(万歳) scene."
What about your country? Do your country have a good-luck article as a Japanese "Dharuma doll"?
I am glad if you would tell me about that(^-^)/.