Could You Help Me Modify This Resume?

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May 7, 2012 23:40
I have a job interview tomorrow. As busy lately, I was too anxious to write this resume perfectly. Can you help me change it? I would be very grateful.

XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX(some basic information)
Goals:Logistics management, marketing, management and related work.
Educational Background:Jilin University, Quartermaster Technology Academy, Logistics Management 2009-2013 studying at Jilin University, a bachelor's degree in logistics management will be held in July 2013.
Work Experience:
 2009.09-2013.09,Organization member of the class.
 2010.09-2011.09, Vice president of societies.
 2009-2010,Get the school first-class scholarship, the Dongrong scholarships, cultural and sports activities, individual awards.
 2010-2011,Get the school second-class scholarships, the Nanhang Scholarship, the title of outstanding cadres.
 2009-2011, Two consecutive the title of outstanding students.
Foreign languages and IT skills:
 English: Have passed the CET 4.
 A variety of office software proficiency in Word / Excel / Eviews / VF.
Skills of Quality:
 Be able to adapt to various work environments.
 There is a spirit of teamwork, a strong capacity of organization and coordination, and I can treat others in good faith.
 Have a better ability to work in a high pressure environment. Dare to be creative and accept the challenge.

吉林大学 军需科技学院 物流管理专业
 2009-2013 就学于吉林大学,将于2013年7月获物流管理学士学位 。
 2009年09月至2013年09月,班级组织委员。
 2010年09月-2011年09月,社团副社长。
 2009-2010学年,获得校一等奖学金、东荣奖学金、文体活动单项奖。
 2010-2011学年,获得校二等奖学金、南航奖学金、优秀团干部称号。
 2009-2011学年,连续两年获校优秀学生称号。
外语及IT技能 :
 英语:通过英语四级 。
 可较熟练的操作Word/Excel/Eviews/VF等多种办公软件。
 能够适应各种工作环境。
 具有团队协作敬神,以诚待人,有较强的组织协调能力。
 在高压力环境下工作的能力强,勇于创新,敢于接受挑战。