My Brother

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May 24, 2012 10:04
I have a brother who is four year older than me.

When we were kids, every time we met, we began to fight each other.

He bother me, then I swore him and then he hit me and I hit him.

But always he won so I told my mother on him and then my mother scolded him for hitting me.

We always did that by my brother went to high school.

After he became a high school student, never bother me.

Since then, he bought me a lot of clothes, shoes and even gave me pocket money because his major is kind of classic music, flute, so he could easily earn money ever since he was in high school by teaching kids.

Now, we both became adults, and we have been laughingly talking about that time sometimes when family get together.

He have been happily living with his wife, son and his daughter.