Reading As An "Adding" Method

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Aug 2, 2012 03:33
During our learning process, we must tackle reading sooner or later. Reading turns up as a almost necessary in our succeed learning, specially if we want to progress in later stages. Reading provides us two basic ingredients in our learning process: on one hand, we are reinforcing our grammar structures when we read them again and again in the text. On the other hand, reading is key to enlarge our vocabulary and to add new structures.

The big advantage of a text is that these structures and vocabulary are inside of a context. These elements can only work properly as long as they are inside of a context, that is, this material has sense because it works inside of a semantic and sintactic frame that is genuine, as if a native speaker was producing a real language content. Therefore, we must use genuine material as quickly as posible.

Using genuine material has to be one of our first assignments to accomplish when we study a foreign language. Workbooks, textbooks and grammar exercises can become our first battleground towards the victory of the learning a language. This begginer material (although necessary) fulfills our first ambitions and objectives: the creation of a solid grammar foundation. Nonetheless, this kind of material is limited in later stages. Once we reach a strong foundation, we must to add "amount".

In this sense, reading is a tool with which we can add large amounts of words, expressions, grammar reinforcements and so on. Therefore, I recommend you to read something every day in order to add this wonderful method in our learning process until it becomes natural and friendly.