Letter for a friend (present simple and present continuous)

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May 7, 2012 01:39 Letter
Objective: You are in holiday in a place where the way of live is rather different from the area where you live. You want to tell a friend about the customs of the place, the way visitors are treated, and describe how you feel and what are you doing.

Dear friend,

¿How are you? I hope you are enjoying your holidays. Sorry for not writting before, but I've been very busy these days visiting the main sights of Barcelona.

It's a fantastic city! In spite of raining these last days, we're having a sunny and damp weekend. As we stay in a hotel near the city centre we can visit the city easily.

Barcelona isn't as expensive as the major European cities and you can visit the museums and main monuments cheaply. In fact, the restaurants and bars are so cheap that we usually eat out almost every day. However, the best of all is we're being treated delightedly; the people of Barcelona are very friendly and I'm making a lot of friends. If you come here, you realise it's a really great place.

We're taking a lot of photos to show you,


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