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Aug 11, 2012 14:41
He looked depressed yesterday and he really spend almost of the day in his cage.
I was worried about him so I did text to his family "he has not pooped yet. Is it natural???" and the answer is "well...could you try let him out before you go to bed?" then I did so, He looked depressed yet but he finally came out and did poop! TREE TIMES! It's unexpected for me because he didn't eat dog food any this day...why he could do poop tree times!?
I didn't have a bag for poop, so we came back home and went out again with bag for picking up poops. we found only two poop. we're not able to find last one;(

The walk for late night was a little bit scare but sky was very clear so we were able to see a lot of star!! That was a really good day!

うんこ用のバッグを持ってなかったから、家に返ってバッグを持ってすぐにまた散歩に出かけた。うんこをひろうために。うんこは2つしか見つからなかった。最後の1個は見つからなかった(>_< )