Korean Food 2. 'Making 간장, 고추장, 된장'

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Apr 12, 2012 20:00
After you got 메주 (fermentated soybeans), you can make the souces, 간장 (soy source), 고추장 (soypaste mixed with red peppers) and 된장 (fermentated soybean paste), from them.

1. To begin, prepare sterilized a big pot and 18% salt solution dissolved in water.

2. Brush 메주, and then add them one by one into the pot.

3. Pour salt solution into the pot.

4. Add dried red peppers (for disinfection), charcoals (for removing bad smell) and jujubes (for preventing misfortune, it is like a superstition).

5. Let them for 2-3 days outside covered with potcloth.

6. For maturation) Close the lid of pot, and then let them for several months (2-3 or more).

7. Filter the mature 메주 with a sieve.

The filtered solution is 간장 (soy source), and the rest of them are 된장 (fermentated soybean paste).

Before you use 간장, boil them for sterlization. If you let them again for more then 3 months, they gonna make a really good taste. 고추장 is the mixed souces with 된장, 찹쌀 (sticky rice), 물엿 (starch syrup), salt and powerdered red pepper.

It was a kinds of an annual event in several decade ago. We regarded it is very important thing to make these sources since we make almost all of Korean food with them. But, as you can see, it is really time-consuming, so we normally just bought them from a big market and use it for making Korean food. In fact, the taste of one specific food had big differences between families by their own home-made sources.

* Images are from http://blog.daum.net/kbmana/8880340