Lost my smart phone.

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Jun 14, 2012 16:08
I had lost my smart phone for three weeks ago.
전 3주전에 제 스마트폰을 잃어버렸어요.

I drank a cup of coffee after I put my cell phone a cafe bathroom.
전 커피를 마시고나서 커피숍 화장실에 제 핸드폰을 두고 나왔어요.

I knew that I put it there a few minutes later.
전 두고나온 것을 몇분이 지나서야 알았어요.

When I went back bathroom, It was stolen by somebody.
제가 화장실에 돌아 갔을 때, 누군가 제폰을 훔쳐갔어요.

I made a phone call my smart phone, but it was turning off.
저는 제 스마트폰에 전화를 걸었지만, 전화기는 꺼져 있었어요.

Bloody hell!!!!

I was really shocked.
정말 충격적이었어요.

I depended on my smart phone for my life and It is very expensive.
저는 스마트폰에 의존을 하고, 그것은 너무 비싸요.
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