The China's economy in the 2050

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Apr 13, 2013 15:45
Many people and institutions forecast that China will has a very prosperous economy, even the most prosperous one in the world. At my standpoint, we should not be so optimistic.
Certainly, we must live a better life in the year 2050 comparing today. Just as other countries will do. But, how much progress we get in the following decades still indeterminating.
Let's look back to the last thirty years, China's economy grows up in a very fast speed for about ten percent per year, and that's no wonder some people believe that China's economy has a bright future. However, we also have a lot of problem to deal with at the "economic crossroad". Above all, the gap between rich and poor bring some potential risks to the social stability, what's worse, the poor may lose positivity in the production. Then, China's economy will not so dynamic as it has ever been. Otherwise, economy developing can't at the cost of environmental destruction. To develop the economy sustainablely, our government must pay more attention to the protection of environment. Last but not the least, reforming the social welfare system affects the readjustment of economic structure,and it determines the trend of China's economy to a large extent.
Moreover, China will face big challenges from the competitors like India, Brazil, Russia and some other countries, they are developing rapidly and have great potential in making their countries flourishing.
As a Chinese citizen, I'm full of confidence in the booming economy my nation will have, but at the same time,we should keep away from many unrealistic illusions that the medias often hype.
What's the China's economy be like in 2050? It all determine by everyone of us.
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