Cold Drinks and Drinking

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Jul 4, 2012 19:18
Did you know that if you drink a cold drink it does not make a person cooler for long because the cold causes the body to work harder to warm up so uses energy and creates more heat.

In winter, in some cold places, people like drinking to keep warm. But drinking does not make a person warmer for long, because alcohol makes vasodilatation that cause blood flow faster. A large amount of blood gathering to the body surface in a short period of time makes people feel warm. After these heats sending off, people will feel cooler.
你知道吗?如果你喝一杯冷饮,并不能长时间地使人感到更凉快, 因为寒冷使身体消耗更多的能量并产生更多的热量去恢复温暖。