Our Lunch 我们的午餐

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May 27, 2012 17:53
Yesterday is Saturday; I went to visit a friend. We went shopping and cooked together. The lunch we cooked is shown in the picture. According to the order they are:


Steamed Carrot 蒸胡萝卜
Fried Corn Grain 炒玉米粒
Red-cooked Pork 红烧肉
Cola Chicken Wings 可乐鸡翅
Stir Fried Broccoli 清炒西兰花
Stewed Potato Chips 炖土豆片
Raw Cucumber 凉拌黄瓜

These are all common dishes that we usually have at lunch or dinner in China. What do you usually eat at lunch? Would you like to share them with us?