Photography of Basketball Games

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Apr 26, 2012 21:00
Every NBA basketball game has many photographers sitting in the basketball field isolation zone, taking pictures of the game. About twenty? or more? They sit under the basketball stands, it is terrible because the players will slam dunk or block over their heads and equipments.

They work so hard and show us many wonderful pictures, but do you know their success rate of taking wonderful pictures? I gusses, maybe thousands of pictures will be taken every game, but only dozens of pictures can be shown to us. What's more, almost all the pictures we see about the NBA basketball game are taken by high speed shutter. Why don't they use the slow shutter? I think it is because the slow shutter will bring lower success rate. What's your opinion on this?

One more question, do you think with the development of the high-speed video camera, the place of Sports Photographers will be replaced?