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Apr 10, 2012 22:07
I didn't want to write diary last moment, but I'm writing now. Because no one help me correct my diary, so I can't find mistakes and improve my English writings. The reason I decide to write it at last is I had made a promise. No matter what happens, I have the responsibility to keep my words. Today, I had 5 classes this morning. Then I took part in two activities in the afternoon. The first one was a show of learning from Leifeng. I was one of guests and sit on the front of the classroom. The members in my department sang a song on the stage but they didn't perform well. I have to train them more before their performation and they should ease themselves at home when they perform. After that, I participated in a match which test tacit agreement between roommates. My roommate and I performed well and we may get prizes later.