I Read 'Jane Eyre' For the First Time In 38 Years 38年ぶりで「ジェーン・エア」を読んだ

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Oct 14, 2013 01:26
The last time I read 'Jane Eyre' is more than 38 years ago!

When I was a child, I didn't understand the relationship between men and women, therefore when I found out the word 'seppen' (kiss in Japanese), I looked it into a dictionary.

I've realized that my memory was unreliable since I thought the heroine, Jane Eyre was a beautiful girl and her future husband was attracted to her appearance.

On the contrary, Jane was a plain small woman and not the type who appealed to men.

Her beauty was her mind : down-to-earth, thoughtful and sensible.

Although some people see her as too determined and much sense of justice, I could sympathise her because some part of her personality are the same as mine.

Even though the setting was the middle of 19th century, her attitude who were struggling to pave the way on her own gave me much inspiration.