Birth rate Declining in Japan Is Linked to Young Men's Little Interest in Sex 日本の出生率の低下は若い男性の性への無関心と関係している

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Oct 28, 2013 17:30
I've come across an interesting article on the BBC News web site, which shows that a large number of young men in Japan are more attracted to a virtual girlfriends in computer game than real girls.

Two men ,who are in their late 30s, nurturing a relationship with virtual girlfriends, says that they are really satisfied with the game, which enabled them to do what they couldn't accomplish when they were young.

They feel relaxed because they don't have to think about marriage on the game, while in a real world, when they get along with women, they should think about marriage, which makes them annoyed.

Moreover, they never think the girls in the computer as a sex object.

I feel creepy to read the sentence that they go to the park with the girls (portable games) and buy them cakes on her birthday.

The BBC News concludes that kind of men, who have little interest in sex cause the low marriage rate and very few babies.

In my view, the report sounds a bit exaggerating, but there must be a trend in young men in Japan.

I guess there is another reason for low birthrate: It has become difficult to be a permanent employee nowadays. That makes young people have little motivation.

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