Being Told off at Work 職場で怒られる

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Jul 17, 2016 13:08
I worked part time at a temporaly job as a receptionist, and yesterday I screwed up.

My work place and duty are not always the same, so I have to be flexible.

My colleages on that day seemed to know each other, and I was alienated from the beginning.

It was my mistake not having checked my task carefully, but if one of them had told me, I wouldn't have doen it.

I apolozied the employer, phrmaceutical company, which made the things worse, because I found out later that part timers are not allowed to speak to the employer directly.

The staff form the company which organize the events and meetings rushed and yelled at me.

The reason is the part timers' rank is bottom; a phrmaceutical company offers a job to a company which organizes events, they offers the job to a recruitment company, they offers me the job.

One of my colleages said, 'It is surprising that you didn't know the hierarchy. Do you have enough work experience??'

In addition, what make me down was that I didn't work efficiently, other colleages made me feel how incapable I was.

That incident must be reported to the recruitment company, so I wouldn't be offered jobs from that company.

I feel like I'm rejected and useless after the five-year gap employment.

If I'm in my thirties, the gap woldn't be a big deal, but it is tough for fifty.