The Attitude Is Important When You Speak In English 英語を話す時の態度は大切

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Apr 17, 2013 22:53
When I signed up for the next English course, there were some students around the reception.

The receptionist spoke to an Asian woman whose English wasn't fluently, but I was impressed her attitude to try to speak politely and accurately.

Since I've been used to hearing my classmate's English, who came from South Europe, the woman's English sounded fresh and her attitude looked so mature.

When I heard my classmate's English at my previous class, I was amazed how well they spoke and fast.

They were always pressing me, and urging a teacher to answer.

I wanted to be like them at the beginning of the class, but when I listened to their English carefully, it turned out to be inaccurate English.

It is important being active or energetic when you are in trouble or convince someone,but being calm down and speak slowly could be more appealing to me.