I Worked At the Sumo Arena 相撲の会場で働いた

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Jan 27, 2020 04:21
I worked at the sumo arena.

The first tournament of the year is held in Tokyo, but January is cold, so I always got ill and cancelled the job in the middle the tornament for the past three years.

This was my forth time working there, and I was able to work for 9 days, which was unusual to me.

I thought about why I was fine this time.

Since I usually work at the airport, my body has become resistant to virus, maybe my immue system has been improved.

When it comes to English, I spoke more than in the airport, but sometimes got bored explaining the same thing, like showing the direction to seats.

However, I relfect on when I encountered unexpected situations, I was embarrased and gave halfway answers in English.

I was bothered by my colleage who butterd up my boss and monitored me, so I would let her go next time.